Classroom Training at its BEST

Classroom Training in BANBURY (Head Office), LONDON (Croydon), CHELTENHAM (Gloucstershire), LEEDS (City Centre) and Northampton (Weedon)
Paphos, Cyprus Training Commencing February

  • Apart from FOIC Head Office in Banbury, all training is held at Hotel Conference Centres
  • All classroom training is non-residential
  • UK Accredited Training Syllabus - NOCN Level 3 Accreditation
  • FOIC is an authorised NOCN Training Centre - you will not be linked to an external College to gain your accreditation.
  • UK Civil Celebrant Classroom Training At Its Best.  Call 01295 817612 Today!

Following your amazing classroom experience you are ready to complete your online accreditation. In your own time, at your own pace.

FOIC ‘hone’ your presentation skills to make you outstanding as a celebrant.
In the Classroom we also provide ‘Added Value’ learning, skills well above and beyond the NOCN requirement.

  • FOIC Trainers are highly experienced full time celebrants
  • FOIC is an approved NOCN Training Centre - unlike other Celebrant Training organisations we do not have to partner with external colleges
  • You will have the opportunity to collaborate, problem-solve and network with other delegates from a diverse range of backgrounds whilst learning valuable skills that you will be able to put into place as a celebrant as you work toward your UK NOCN Level 3 Nationally recognised qualification
  • There will be a combination of visual, oral, reading, writing and kinesthetic components
  • Group interaction results in learning from other delegates. Naturally a great deal of value received comes through the training content, but equally there is tremendous value received from the informal interaction with other course delegates - during the class, at breaks, over lunch etc.
  • Continual assessment results in ensuring all the individual needs of learners are met.
  • You will be able to practice your newly acquired skills with your trainer and each other.
  • Before we commence, a safe environment is created for your learning. Everyone agrees to confidentiality. ‘What happens in the classroom stays in the classroom’

Course Deposits

Deposits are non-refundable
“The energy and enthusiasm from all who are involved in FOIC is incredible;
David is the catalyst and one just can't help but be inspired by his energy and commitment to what he does.”
Karen Spencer
“Hello David, I'm not sure how to say thank you without it sounding too ‘slushy’, but I just want you to know how much I enjoyed the course, the wealth of information you have given me, the vast experience you have shared and the delightful presenting style you have, made the last three days a joy. I am so enthused about starting my new venture. I feel I have grown in confidence and started to regain some belief in myself. I really did choose the best training organisation in FOIC.”
“Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to yourself and Amanda. I thought the training was very thorough and the passion and compassion you both have for the work you do really shines through…
It is also infectious!”
Helen Pollitside