Train to Become a Certified Funeral Celebrant (Level 3 RQF)

Classroom or Online - NOCN (UK) Accredited Syllabus

Whichever option you choose, Classroom or Distance Learning (online) ~
FOIC will provide the training to fully equip you as a Civil Funeral Celebrant.

Funeral Service

CLASSROOM Training:  Learn from the ground floor up when you attend a classroom location of your choice for 3 amazing days.  FOIC will ‘hone’ your presentation skills - making you truly outstanding as a celebrant. Upon completion of just three days in class, you will be looking forward to conducting your very first funeral service.

‘ADDED VALUE’ Learning:  skills well above and beyond the NOCN accreditation requirement will be provided in the classroom.  You will be trained to exceed the expectations of the bereaved family and Funeral Directors.

ONLINE Training: Celebrants training online, desiring accreditation, need to attend a classroom location for half a day to demonstrate proof of proficiency in the skills and knowledge learned.

Funeral Celebrant Training that Really Works!

The curriculum covers articulating the Value of the Funeral, Listening Skills, Family Meetings, Service Planning, Music and Readings Resources, Creative Writing, Closing Ceremonies, Master of Ceremonies, Presentation Skills, and Developing the Celebrant Concept in the Community.

When we began planning our training programme we outlined what we thought were the most important elements for any person serving as a Celebrant to know.
We knew that we would be training a wide variety of people - funeral professionals, clergy, teachers, medical professionals, retirees, bereavement specialists, even a clown and puppeteer and the list goes on. But we wanted everyone to start at the same place when we discussed ‘grief and the funeral’ - and what a personalised service offers to families.

Day One: FOIC are such passionate believers that the funeral service itself in an important and sacred first step in a person’s grief journey that we want every one of our Celebrants to be well grounded in the value of the funeral - the elements that are important to grieving families and how to listen to and work with each family.
So, this is what we cover on our first day of training. (A person can find courses in ceremonies and creative writing in a variety of training settings). We believe what is most important is adding the aspect of grief and how to deal with that most unique emotional response.
This is what makes FOIC different to the other training providers!

Day Two: The second day of training is focused on the logistics of putting a ceremony together - how to facilitate a family meeting, the art of ceremonial writing, the process of consultation and service planning, how to work with funeral directors, how to utilize and find resources, music, readings, and all the other elements that can be included in a service.

Day Three: The third day of celebrant training is focused on practical application. Each of the celebrants in training takes part in a funeral presentation created from an assigned scenario. Each celebrant creates a life story and from that story designs a complete funeral service and conducts it. The participants can learn a great deal from watching their fellow celebrants and observing how they chose to put a service together. Whenever possible we arrange for people to attend the presentations, providing feedback to the celebrants. This provides a far more realistic scenario and thereby further preparing the celebrants for their first funeral service amongst 'strangers'.

We also provide each Celebrant with superb Resources - containing sample services, ceremonies and readings.

FOIC offer a place for you to network with each other on the FOIC online forum, brainstorm and share stories and mutual support beyond the days of training.  We also have regular regional meetings and mentorship days.

You can commence as a Civil Funeral Celebrant immediately following this training

Learn About NOCN (National Open College Network) Accreditation Here

“Hello David, I'm not sure how to say thank you without it sounding too ‘slushy’, but I just want you to know how much I enjoyed the course, the wealth of information you have given me, the vast experience you have shared and the delightful presenting style you have, made the last couple of days a joy. I am so enthused about starting my new venture. I have grown in confidence. I really did choose the best training organisation in FOIC.”  Patricia

"Thank you both so much for giving so generously of yourselves during the celebrancy training last week.  It was a remarkably rich experience, with an extraordinary group of people. I'm also deeply appreciative of the funeral and wedding resources that you have emailed. It feels good to have so much material available". Anna

Level 3 Certificate Celebrancy in UK (RQF)

'An amazing three days I loved it. Thank you for your passion commitment and great teaching'. Joan Woodley

Just want to say how excellent the Banbury training was. It far exceeded my expectations and has left me feeling very excited about the future. I want to put my new found skills into practice as soon as possible and cant wait. Steve G (Funeral Director)

"I undertook my FOIC training with David Abel last week in Banbury. The work was INTENSE. I cannot share with you the details of this extraordinary training, it is far too deep and strange and intimate. What I can share is this: a group of 7 seemingly disparate Souls were called by the Universe to show up, be there, and remember each other. We threw off our masks, unfurled our wings, opened our hearts and voices, we created a unified field of what I understand to be Love. Not that soppy sentimental stuff, but truly heartfelt connection and re~membering. At times it was raw and gritty, and times so tender we dared not speak for fear of bruising each other with our breath. We drew together in Oneness".  Alison


Funeral Classroom Training - 3 Days - £660+vat (£792)

July 3-5th Northampton - (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon, NN7 4PX) - Course FULL
Sept 11-13th Northampton - (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon, NN7 4PX) - 1 place available £660+vat (£792)
Oct 16-18th Croydon - (Hallmark Hotel, CR9 4LT) - 4 places available £660+vat (£792)
Oct 16-18th Leeds - (DoubleTree by Hilton, Leeds, LS1 4BR) - 4 places available £660+vat (£792)
Nov 6-8th Northampton - (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon, NN7 4PX) - 6 places available £660+vat (£792)
Dec 4-6th Croydon - (Hallmark Hotel, CR9 4LT) - 6 places available £660+vat (£792)

please email your preferred venue and date when paying the deposit

Course Fees include vat.  Mix and match course dates.
NOCN Optional Accreditation Fee £200

Course Deposits

Wedding Classroom Training - 2 Days - £440+vat (£528) 

July 6-7th Northampton - (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon Bec, NN7 4PX)
Sept 14-15th Northampton - (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon Bec, NN7 4PX)
Oct 19-20th Leeds - (DoubleTree by Hilton, 2 Wharf Approach, Leeds, LS1 4BR)
Dec 7-8th Croydon - (Hallmark Hotel, CR9 4LT)

Course Fees include vat.  Mix and match course dates.
NOCN Optional Accreditation Fee £200.