Avebury October 7th (Saturday)

Minimum 10 people. £129 including lunch :  10am to 4:30pm
The morning is at The Bell at West Overton, 99 Bath Road, SN8 1QD
In the afternoon we move to Avebury Stone Circle and enjoy a ceremony in which everyone will participate.


What couple’s are looking for today?

The Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Circle Casting
Burning herbs & Incense 
Making the sacred space

Creating the altar
Natural Altars
Set up the altar and cast your circle

Making the Cords
Handfasting cord colours & significance

WRITING A CEREMONY  (authentic, simple, any tradition) - Climbing the Mountain
THE STEPS:  Welcome - Casting the Circle - Absent Loved Ones - Summoning elements of nature - Reading - Ancient Vow - 4 Questions - Consecration of rings - personal vows -
Handfasting - pronouncement handfasted as one - KISS - the Loving Cup - Jumping the broom - Certificate signing - Blessing

Different Types of Handfasting Ceremony
Quarters using elements with full involvement in ceremony
Elements visible but not in use

Please email to reserve your place

Pet Bereavement Workshop

Thursday, October 26th 2017

Location:  Crossroads Hotel, Weedon, Northants
Time: 2pm to 5:30pm
Cost: £89
This workshop will include humans relationship with animals; working animals, pets etc.
We will move on to a more in-depth talk about pets and companionship.
We shall consider 'grief triggers grief' - about how the death of a pet can raise unresolved grief from past human bereavements.
Learn more about arranging pet funeral services, animal cremations too.
We have very few FOIC celebrants involved in this much needed, popular and lucrative industry.

Stillbirth, Miscarriage & Baby Death Workshop £89

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Minimum 6 people. £89 including lunch

9:30am to 1:00pm. Crossroads Conference Suite, Weedon, Northants.
Please email to reserve your place


The rapid way to attain your NOCN L3 Certificate Accreditation.
David has prepared 8 webinars. Each one focuses on one of the eight NOCN modules. The videos will be easy to follow. You will hear (and observe) precisely how the questions should be answered. The content an assessor will be expecting to read will be clearly explained.  Every question will be carefully considered in depth.  Watch the live webinars at the appointed broadcast times, or catch up with the replay at any time and day of your choice. email if interested


Northampton (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon)

Course Objectives

  • Dealing with your feelings, fears and anxieties
  • Understand why we get anxious when speaking
  • Lots of hints and tips that work instantly
  • Developing your own unique voice and style
  • Hands On - Practising a range of techniques
  • Build genuine rapport with your audience - 'feel' the connection
  • Speaking naturally with passion and confidence
  • Make a Powerful first impression
  • This workshop has been written with Independent Celebrants in mind

ONE DAY WORKSHOP including lunch


Northampton (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon)

Course Objectives

An introduction to visual marketing for the celebrant in 2017. 
You will need to bring a Laptop or tablet with 3/4G or wifi capability.
This is essential for this workshop. Any extra gadgets will be welcome.

You will leave with a better understanding of how brides/clients use social media.
You will create something new to use on your choice of social media.

  • Current marketing strategy?
  • Consistent branding is essential
  • To blog or not to blog
  • Which social media will work for you?
  • Which visuals will work for you?
  • Best practices & great tools
  • Investment - time or money?
  • Planning your posts
  • Create a piece of visual content using a new tool
  • Has your marketing strategy changed?

ONE DAY WORKSHOP including lunch

IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSION RATE  (wedding enquiries) 
10am - 4:30pm

Northampton (Crossroads Hotel, Weedon)

Course Objectives

  • Your Initial Response to the couple (email or phone call)
  • The all important content of your email
  • Following Up the Enquiry
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Ensuring What You Write is REINFORCED on Your Web Site
  • Web Site Landing Page or ?
  • You will leave with a perfect template designed for YOUR business
  • You will leave with a 4 minute video featuring you - for your web site, speaking directly to your couples reinforcing why they should choose you as their celebrant (see example below)

ONE DAY WORKSHOP including lunch